Next Steps for the COE

Please see below, an excerpt of the closing remarks of Commissioner Colman from the Transcript of the 12th Evidence Hearing dated May 2nd 2013

"Commissioner Colman: Well then, that concludes the evidence in both parts of this Enquiry, both the Clico part and the HCU part. This has been quite a long haul and many people here have been involved in it from the very outset.

It’s right that I should just indicate quite what we have been through so far. There have been 85 sitting days. We have here, as I’m sure you’ appreciate, 23 parties, not perhaps all represented today, of which 14 are Clico parties and nine are HCU parties. There have been altogether, and this is perhaps a rather remarkable feature, no less than 5 million pages of documents which have passed through the Commission’s offices and have been considered.

Seventy-seven lawyers have appeared altogether, 54 advocates and 23 instructing attorneys. We’ve heard evidence from 57 witnesses and there have altogether been no less than 50 witness summonses issued. I emphasize issued as distinct from served. Of those 50 witness summonses, there have been responded to no less than 33 and 17 witness summonses have not been responded to. There are altogether, as you can see, not a few files of evidence, no less than 77 in fact altogether. So I hope you’ve got them all.

The exercise which now has to be undergone is for the Commission to consider the submissions which have been put forward in a preliminary manner by those parties and others to whom indications have been given that the Commission entertains concerns about their activities.

The next process will be the issue of Salmon letters to some or all of them and those Salmon letters will identify, with much more particularity, the concerns which the Commission feels about the activities of parties who have received them. In response to the Salmon letters, it will be open to each recipient to reply to the Commission and the replies which will be received will then be considered by me. It’s possible, but improbable, that I will want to hear additional evidence from recipients of Salmon letters, but that remains to be seen.

Following the receipt of the submissions of—following Salmon letters, I will then proceed to produce my report."